Top Tips For Keeping Your Greenhouse Cool

Every single greenhouse operation requires a way to moderate heat on hot days to achieve the correct temperatures. But what choices do farmers have to successfully keep a greenhouse cool on a budget?

Greenhouses are made to raise the temperature. With plastic or glass covers (whether adaptable or poly panels), the sun rays are able to reach the soil surface and heat will be absorbed underneath the surface. The heat then radiates back upwards but gets trapped in the protected structure. This helps maintain a warm microclimate for your plants.

On cold but sunny days, plants require the above mechanism to survive. The difference of a few degrees can enable you to grow plants that normally can’t be grown without having a greenhouse. On sunny days, an increase in temperature becomes another subject altogether, thus having ways to keep a greenhouse working right on a tight budget will certainly be a smart idea.

Whether you are dealing with the height of summer or scorching climes, be sure you know how to keep your greenhouse cool to prevent overheating issues. This will be a huge advantage for your plants, your hobby, and your business. Here are some useful tips you can use to your advantage:

Roll-Up Sides

Nearly every model comes with some type of roll-up side: be it a ring design, a gothic arch, hoop house, or other design. If your design does not include add-ons, it is a good idea to consider getting a kit that comes with roll-up features because you should have at least one method to release the heat. A good greenhouse cooling system should have the ability to vent the sides of the structure without extra cost.

Shade Cloth

You cannot disregard one of the most obvious ways to cool off any kind of space: casting shade. They can be positioned over smaller structures at certain times of day to offer shade, therefore cooling down the greenhouse. While they tend to be black, reflecting white covers are also a better option to deflect light and heat.

Shade cloth is quite economical and can be utilized over and over ever again. For bigger greenhouses, there are bigger automated shade covers you can use during the day if it happens to be warm. However, this really might be more expensive to purchase.

Passive Cooling With Doors



Besides roll-up sides, even the most basic, un-accessorized hoop home or any other framework could be vented. With this tip in mind, it is also good that greenhouse owners take note of options that come with doors on both sides of the structure. They can help owners maintain proper airflow. When installing doorways for venting out, you can also take advantage of the wind direction on windy days as a natural fan for your greenhouse.


You can take your greenhouse ventilation a step further than roll-up sides, by using a unique ventilation system. The installation of vents assists with the passage of overheated air flow out of the system to allow cooler air to enter. This helps to stabalize the temperature in the greenhouse.

Go For Professional Greenhouse Services 

When it comes to building your own greenhouse, it is a good thing to use greenhouse builders who produce their own products. As a flexible greenhouse expert, they should provide affordable greenhouse construction and maintenance solutions. However, some companies might charge more for the solutions they offer since the components and structure has been designed to be serviceable far longer than the less expensive short-term options.

It is a wise decision to use someone who manufactures greenhouses locally. Check to verify that they offer greenhouse maintenance because this will also help you save time and money. The moment something goes wrong, the local greenhouse contractors are will be easily available to facilitate maintenance procedures.

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