Top Factors To Consider When Buying A Greenhouse

Today, gardening in greenhouses is getting more popular with gardening enthusiasts. Greenhouses come in different sizes and shapes to suit different environments. Also, better and cheaper materials are being used to make greenhouses, helping them last longer for each service lifespan. The other thing that makes greenhouse popular is that they ensure food security because gardeners are able to control the outbreaks of diseases that continue to threaten crops. Climate change has also affected gardening and one can never be sure of when changes will take place. A greenhouse is able to maintain conditions that are favorable to plants and you will be able to produce food all-round the year.

This article will highlight factors that you need to be on the lookout for as you go looking for a new greenhouse. There are many brands that offer greenhouses for sale at reasonable prices and you may not know how to choose from your available options. Choosing a greenhouse can be a daunting task and you need to research well before making an investment. The following are common factors to look for when you are shopping for a greenhouse:


Good ventilation

A greenhouse should have the best ventilation systems installed. Overheating is the number one cause of plants failure. A greenhouse should be well ventilated with sufficient vents to allow cooling during hot weather. These vents can be operated manually or you can get one with solar powered louvers. A good ventilation system ensures that plants are kept warm during cold weather and also regulate the amount of humidity in the greenhouse. Getting exhaust fans ensure that plants do not overheat during summer months.


A good insulation system ensures that the greenhouse is able to keep the amount of heat needed inside the space without external weather conditions affecting the outcome. Insulation should be able to retain heat during cold weather and this saves the gardener a lot of money that would otherwise be used in heating up the greenhouse. The insulation system depends on the climate of an area and a gardener can get a greenhouse that is customized to his needs. There are ways a gardener can improve the insulation around his greenhouse by using horticulture bubble wrap.

Panel clarity

Many greenhouses are designed with clear panels, while others are opaque. Still, others come with semi-diffused covers so that means they enjoy benefits of diffused and clear panels. The panel you choose depends on what you intend to grow in the greenhouse. A clear panel is best when you intend to grow seedlings that will be transplanted elsewhere with time. Clear panels allow maximum light in the greenhouse which is best for germinating seeds and allows plants to develop strongly. An opaque panel is best when you plan to grow plants to maturity in the greenhouse. A diffused covering provides even lighting to allow balanced growth for foliage. Diffused covering also prevents hot spots from developing in the greenhouse.


The material that is used in the greenhouse construction should be durable. It should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions depending on the area you are located. If your environment is prone to hail, then the material should be impervious. If the greenhouse is situated in an area that experiences regular snowing and ice, then the building materials should be strong enough to support the extra weight during winter time.

UV certified

Greenhouses should be UV certified to ensure that materials used to construct it do not get affected by sunlight over time. This way, greenhouses will have longer life expectancy, making it a wise investment for your gardening pursuits.

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