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Greenhouse Motor Repair, Restoration, and Construction Services

Motor Repair & Parts

Servicing US and Canada!

Largest in-house stock of genuine Lord & Burnham greenhouse parts

In-house Greenhouse motor repair services and new replacements for all types of:

  • greenhouse ventilation motors (including the 311, Mark II, Power Vent and Electra Vent)
  • thermostats and other controls
  • greenhouse vent motors
  • greenhouse exhaust fan motors
  • greenhouse fan motors
  • greenhouse evaporative coolers
  • heating and plumbing equipment
  • curved and non-curved glass
  • re-glazing and re-caulking
  • structural and foundation greenhouse repairs

Greenhouse Restoration

Greenhouse Restoration Company

Complete restoration service for antique greenhouses.

Former Lord & Burnham greenhouse contractors specializing in greenhouses from this legendary Greenhouse builder.

Our Greenhouse contractors can handle all of your greenhouse restoration needs, including heating and air conditioning equipment as well as greenhouse motors, plumbing, electrical work and sandblasting or repair of the greenhouse structure itself.

No need for you to manage multiple subcontractors: We are your one-stop solution to your greenhouse restoration needs.

Greenhouse Construction

Quality Greenhouse Construction & Restoration

Our Greenhouse builders have experience in both residential and institutional greenhouse construction, working with or without an architect, at your option.

Our greenhouse contractors have experience working with many types of greenhouse sizes, with solariums to extend living space and with greenhouse conservatories for schools and botanical gardens.

We offer Greenhouse Site evaluation, structure recommendations and custom greenhouse design tailored to your specific needs and budget.

We build Greenhouses to suit you, not to oversell you. Let Glass Garden Builders design your Greenhouse!

Greenhouse Repair and Motor Replacements

At Glass Gardens, we build new glass gardens and greenhouses. We also restore and repair old glass gardens and greenhouses, along with all the hardware that goes with it, including ventilation and temperature control modules (thermostats) and motors.

Greenhouse Vent Motor

Scheduling regular maintenance to your greenhouse vent motors ensures the desired temperature can be maintained cost-effectively easily in your grow. Opening vents increases the amount of fresh air in your growing environment while decreasing the likelihood of mildew or mold from affecting plant growth. A thermostat tied to your vent motor could automatically trigger the vents to open and close.

Greenhouse Fan Motors

Greenhouse fan motors are used to circulate the existing air in your greenhouse, ensuring constant humidity and temperature levels across the length of your growing areas. You can install greenhouse fans to create downdraughts or pull cold air upwards to create a homogeneous temperature range, or install it horizontally to direct air across the entire length of the growing space. Creating and maintaining an optimized and even temperature in your greenhouse allows you to grow consistently throughout the year and keep it at minimal costs.

Greenhouse Exhaust Fan Motors

Should your greenhouse overheat it is vital to remove the unwanted and excessive amount of heat from your plants. Without the proper shading material on the glass or exterior of the greenhouse, maintaining your greenhouse exhaust fan motors could save many months' worth of investment.

Greenhouse Motor Repair and Replacement You Can Depend On

We offer a replacement on the following greenhouse motors:

If the motor you have is not listed above, don't hesitate to contact us. Chances are, we can still replace that motor or repair the old one. Drop off or ship your motor for inspection, cleaning, and repair. Please call first.