Lord & Burnham Greenhouses


Owning a Lord & Burnham greenhouse is like owning a piece of US and Canadian history. Here’s why…

Greenhouses became popular on the East Coast of the USA following the 1853 World’s Fair in Bryant Park, New York, at which the star attraction was the New York Crystal Palace – a giant greenhouse made out of iron and glass.

Lord & Burnham was the leading designer and builder of greenhouses in the USA and Canada for more than 125 years (from 1856-1982).

The company started out in Massachusetts in 1856 when the talented carpenter, Frederick Lord, founded his own company specializing in greenhouse building, known as Lord’s Horticultural Manufacturing Co.

Lord set up his business in Irvington, New York, along the Hudson River banks – a site that later became the Lord & Burnham headquarters and main production facility, and remained in the same location for the next century and a quarter.

The company name changed when Lord’s son-in-law, William Addison Burnham, joined forces with Lord to form a partnership dedicated to building greenhouses across North America.

In its hey-day, Lord & Burnham manufactured greenhouses in St Catharines, Canada, Des Moines, Iowa, as well as in the original facility in Irvington, New York.

Lord & Burnham Greenhouses eventually became a division of the Burnham Corporation – a manufacturer of industrial boilers – and was ultimately closed down in 1982 in its 126th year of operation.

So if you are fortunate enough to have a Lord & Burnham greenhouse on your property, you own a historical possession that is well worth looking after.

Our greenhouse builders have worked extensively with these beautiful old structures and can assist in all aspects of greenhouse restoration and renovation. We can even build new greenhouses that mimic all the grace and antique design features of the Lord & Burnham models but with modern heating and cooling technology that makes them super-efficient to run.

If you would like to find out more about our greenhouse restoration, renovation, construction services, and greenhouse sales please contact our friendly team at Glass Garden Builders by calling 603-903-3429 or contact us via this web site.

Lord & Burnham’s Honeymoon House: A Greenhouse Design from the 1930s


During it fabled 126-year history, Lord & Burnham prided itself on its greenhouse design innovation and its responsiveness to customers.

Both hallmarks can be found in the story of the development of the “Honeymoon House” greenhouse design – a large and popular 4-wing greenhouse in the shape of a T. The center house measured 22′ by 25′ with each of the 3 wings 18′ by 25′ – providing a greenhouse that was both attractive and immensely practical for larger-scale winter gardening.

  • The story behind the Honeymoon House is an enchanting one: on a warm, flower-filled July day, a newlywed couple taking their honeymoon train trip together from New York City to Bar Harbor, Maine came to a prolonged stop opposite a large greenhouse similar to the one described above.
  • For the young Florida bride, gazing at length upon the greenhouse led to thoughts of how the warm July would inevitably turn to a frost-killed fall to be followed by her reluctant first winter in the Northeast. As she expressed her concerns to her husband, it almost seemed to the couple that the magic of this magnificent greenhouse would not release the train until they made up their minds to brighten the drabness of winter with a greenhouse of their own.
  • Upon arriving in Bar Harbor, the bride wrote out a telegram to Lord & Burnham, telling her story, and asking them to provide the cost of the greenhouse design she described by return wire. Lord & Burnham’s Honeymoon House greenhouse was born.

Greenhouse Lord Burnham Motor Repairs

We repair and service all Lord & Burnham motors for a wide range of greenhouses meeting the specific needs of growers across North America. Due to the environment where the motors are placed within, it is vital that your motor be serviced regularly. If you Lord and Burnham motor needs repair we can easily assist you. Please view our frequently asked questions about Lord & Burham motor repairs.

I have recently bought a new house that came with a greenhouse. It appears to have a Lord & Burnham motor in it. How can I identify it?

A – Lord & Burnham Motors have a tag or stamping on the housing. The tag states either Lord & Burnham Mark II or states Powervent. Alternatively we carry and install a motor that states on the tag “311 Damper Motor, Lord & Burnham”. Another motor that we install is stamped with Von Weise 62 on the side of the motor. Our thermostats are labeled PowerVent Modulating Thermostat and are repairable as well by Glass Garden Builders.

It seems to be burned out or is really old. Should I get it cleaned or replaced?

Yes! Chances are because of the quality and workmanship put in to the manufacturing of these motors, many of these motors are still in place and operating but have never been serviced. They should however be inspected and serviced every few years.

If it needs replacing, is there a difference between the Lord & Burnham motors and other motors made off shore?

If it needs to be repaired, Glass Garden Builders can repair it. If it needs to be replaced, we recommend that it be replaced with a Lord & Burnham motor only, as they were designed to work with your Lord & Burnham greenhouse.

Are they a better made motor?

They are a sealed motor and made specifically for humid conditions found in greenhouses.

Are they more expensive?

They cost about the same as other motors but are made just for greenhouses with humid and harsh environmental conditions that are normally not recommended for optimal motor operations.

Is there a wide range of motors offered by Lord & Burnham?

We offer 4 different types of motors for ventilation on our greenhouses and special thermostats for PowerVent and Lord & Burham models.

What kind of warranty is offered with Lord & Burnham motors?

Lord & Burnham motors have a one year warranty and can, in most cases be repaired if needed. We can also offer you new factory rebuilt motors. There is no reason to necessarily buy a brand new motor. We feel they are a very good value – Just like new!

Can I get it serviced locally?

Glass Garden Builders services all of it’s motors. Shipping may be required.

Can you assist me in the changeover of motors in my greenhouse or can I do it myself?

Glass Garden Builders has service crews available for motor repairs or change outs.

If I redesign my greenhouse, can I still use the Lord & Burnham motors to operate the vents and other things?

Yes absolutely. We encourage you to contact a Glass Garden Builders representative to discuss the optimal setup for the motor with your new greenhouse design.