How To Maximize The Use Of Your Greenhouse In Autumn

Building a greenhouse right in your own garden gives you the chance to store plants at any given time of the year. During summer, this space will be home to many blooms that will add a breath of fresh air into the outside of your home, at least. The same is true when spring comes. However, you want to know whether or not a greenhouse can be utilized during autumn when leaves seem to cover the yard.

The answer to your question is a resounding yes. In fact, putting your greenhouse into maximum use at this time of the year will define what the purpose of the space is all about – that is to protect many of the plants you want to place inside it. How will you be able to use this structure at its full potential during autumn?

Perform cleaning in autumn

Make sure you remove plants inside the greenhouse when you perform cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning the greenhouse during autumn will help you get rid of overwintering pests and diseases that may destroy any of the plants and pots found inside the space. Disinfect paths as well as the glass too. You may need to ventilate the greenhouse for a couple of days too to keep it dry before winter comes.

Never leave the greenhouse empty during autumn

Put the greenhouse into good use during autumn by planting hardy crops and herbs during autumn. An unheated greenhouse can be good for plants at this time of the year. The temperature inside the space is warmer than outside especially during night time. This will help prevent plants from frosting and will keep them dry thus ensuring that they will survive during this season. You can check with greenhouse specialists if you can have an unheated greenhouse installed right before autumn comes in. They may also look into your space and find out if it is a good structure to use when planting crops in autumn ready for winter.

Make sure plants have access to light during this time of the year

Natural light may not be as available in autumn as it is during summer and spring. If you want to use your greenhouse to grow your plants during this season, it will be good to get plenty of natural light. You can do this by simply removing the shading material in the greenhouse. It will also be good to keep the glass part of the greenhouse clean so it will be easier to access any available light from the outside. Just do some scrubbing with hot water and the surface will be clean and ready to welcome sunlight in. You have to check the gutters as well. Remember that in autumn, leaves can keep on falling and can block the gutters and prevent rainwater from running.

Take this as an opportunity to replant 

Replanting will require taking off poorly placed plants from the garden and moving them into pots which will later be placed in the greenhouse. You can also take this as the chance to divide your perennials while the soil is still a bit warmer than it will be in the winter.

Plant hardy herbs and some other edible plants during autumn

Growing herbs and edible plants in the greenhouse during autumn will be a good place to start with when it comes to maximizing the use of the space. Planting herbs like mint, chives and parsley in a pot as well as edible plants like artichokes at this time of the year will give you herbs to use until winter when you cannot go out most of the time due to the weather.

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