How To Effectively Keep A Greenhouse Warm During Winter

Keeping a greenhouse heated up during winter can be an expensive venture and most greenhouse owners dread this time of the year. It is paramount to work with greenhouse contractors who are experienced in installing heating equipment in your greenhouse to protect tender plants from frost. The following tips will help to keep your greenhouse warm effectively.

Use bubble wraps

Horticultural bubble wraps are tough and they are UV stabilized therefore can be used to layer the inside of a greenhouse wall to reduce heat loss. Bubble wraps block ice winter draughts that can cause damage to plants. Using wraps with bigger bubbles allow more light to get in the greenhouse, which accelerates the rate of plant growth. You can also use bubble wraps to insulate outdoor pots and they help to prevent them from cracking.

Invest in a heating system

You can invest in an electric fan heater to keep your greenhouse warm. A fan heater helps to distribute air flow in the greenhouse and this helps to prevent cold spots which cause diseases to plants. An electric fan heater works best when you have a mains power supply connected to the greenhouse. If you don’t have a mains power supply, you can use the option of a paraffin heater.

Use a built-in thermostat

Ensure that your greenhouse has a built-in thermostat to help regulate the heat. A thermostat detects when temperatures drop below the required point and allows the heater to go back on. This means that heaters do not need to work throughout and therefore you get to save on heating costs. You can also invest in a thermometer to keep tabs on temperature levels. The thermometer will help you know when to add or reduce heating.

Understand your plants


Not all plants need high temperatures to thrive. Some plants do well in low temperatures and do not need heat to grow well. You need to understand what environment your plants thrive in and this helps you to regulate the amount of temperature you set in the greenhouse. Without this understanding, you might waste a lot of unnecessary expenses on energy management.

Ensure you position heaters carefully

If you have a huge greenhouse, heating the entire space can be very expensive. You can place heaters strategically around the plants that need more heat. Professional greenhouse contractors know where to place these heaters and they ensure that the airflow is directed above plants that are closest to the heaters. You can additionally use bubble wraps to curtain off the areas that need more heat to ensure that heat is not lost and directed to other areas.

Ventilate the greenhouse well

Ensure that the greenhouse is well ventilated to reduce the amount of humidity buildup from the heating system. You can water the plants early in the day and employ water sparingly to ensure that extra moisture is absorbed by the plants instead. If a greenhouse is not well ventilated it promotes the growth of fungi which spreads fast in humid conditions. On warm sunny mornings, you can open the greenhouse vents to clear condensation. Close the vents during the day to trap in warm air that allows the greenhouse to stay warmer for longer.

Add layers of horticultural fleece

Horticultural fleece can be used during very cold nights to protect the plants from severe coldness. A layer or two of the fleece ensures that plants are several degrees warmer on a freezing night. A horticultural fleece should only be used on cold nights and ensure that you remove them during daytime to allow light into the greenhouse.

Now that you know the most common methods to keep your greenhouse warm during those cold winters, you will be able to facilitate crop growth in the most efficient way during this challenging season. Do share with us if you have a favorite method of keeping your greenhouse warm!

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